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Wheels on the bus

A Fun way to learn a language is by way of children's music.  The same as singing the"ABC's" to find out the alphabet, singing these catchy tunes enable you to understand and memorize things you might otherwise struggle with. Some toddlers tunes are pretty ridiculous, but they still teach a whole lot about expressing yourself. Even in the event that you don't have kids to exercise with, you're still able to enjoy these tunes yourself!

If you climbed up a Bilingual household, chances are you already know some tunes. You will discover that, when you choose a fresh look, with an adult's outlook and also the bonus of studying a language, you observe all types of grammar, vocabulary, and idioms.  Even the easiest tune can teach you something fresh.
By Way of Example, once I was a kid, my mom sung me children's Tunes in Spanish. One was about a small duckling (Un Patito) who would sing and sing, but became miserable and ill. My mom changed the original end out of a dead duck to a sick duck, for our sakes.

What Altered the joyful singing dance duckling into a dying and sick person? The cause of the shift in wellbeing had something to do with sunlight,"cuando se pon el sol".  Currently, to convert from Spanish into English... I always believed I understood what"se pon el sol" intended, as my interpretation made much sense to me. Ahh - the arrival of Spanglish!

Kids  Know a great deal of things. I understood that"cuando" supposed"if". I understood that"el sol" supposed"sunlight". I understood that"se pon" proved to be a kind of the verb"poner".  I understood that"poner" means"to place."  I understood that ducklings such as the rain, as my image books and commercials showed ducks happily splashing in puddles, sporting small rain suites.

This Made things perfectly clear!  The sunlight was"placed" ("se pon") from the skies! Yes, of course - that the duckling would sing and dancing in the dark rainy cloudy weather, also eventually became miserable once the sunlight was"placed" from the skies, meaning if it came out from behind the clouds!

Make sense? Yes, To a kid... And, yes, to me as an adult that was not adjusted within her childhood translation.  Really"se pon el sol" doesn't mean that the sun is emerging. Quite the opposite; it means that the sun is setting!

As I delve into the internal workings of those nursery rhymes in Spanish, I grow to appreciate them more. Even better, this generates more specific moments with my mom, and provides us both a great laugh!

Children's  Tunes are an excellent source to find another language. Your children, grandchildren, and parents may appreciate them .  You are able to honor your legacy and pass it on, or expand your ethnic thickness with a language that's new to you. Doing so is plain old great for the center.

  Buffalo, NY, hearing French and Spanish by her parents, and replying  in English. With a baby has awakened Michele a want to have a Control within the languages of her legacy, and also to pass this to her son.
The Wheels on the Bus (video series)

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